Relax And Experience God

Many, many years ago, June and I were taking an Anniversary Trip up to Cleveland, Ohio. We had to make a couple of visits in the Huntsville area before we could leave and so I decided just to go on to Chattanooga and hit I-75 and to straight to Cincinnati, Ohio. We got up into the mountains of Eastern Kentucky about mid-night or so and decided to stop and spend the night in a motel which we did. The next morning, it dawned on us that both of us had forgotten to bring OUR DAILY BREAD devotionals. I assured June that we would be alright because I had just completed a study in Psalm 46. We loaded the car and then got seated; then I read Psalm 46 and did my moving commentary. I told June, “When the Psalmist said ‘Cease striving’ or ‘be still’ in most translations–he was actually saying, relax and takes your hands off.” In other words I said, “Let go and let God.” I could tell she was moved. You know me, I could leave well enough alone so I added…Its like this June, “Lets just relax today and experience God.” Without a moment’s hesitation she replied, “Who in the devil could relax with you behind the wheel?”


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