Looking For A Wife

Old man on roller blades

Today is July 12, 2012. I have been in the ministry since August of 1970 and today, something happened that has never happened before. A 91 year old man [preacher] drove some 40 miles to ask me to help him find a wife. He said my wife told me that if I died first that she would never remarry but said he, “I never made her any such promise.” He said, “The scriptures say that a man should not be alone and I am looking for a wife.” Then he showed me some pictures of women who have posted their picture on the internet. I recognized one I think but I am not absolutely sure because there were no names by the pictures. He had a particular interest in one who was a bleached blond and very well endowed up top if you know what I mean. He said, “She is from this area; you should know her as long as you have been at Danville.” I tried to explain to him that Danville is a large area postal wise and that it goes far into the neighboring county. Matter of fact, the Danville Post office is unique, it serves four counties. He left me his card and a picture of his favorite. Every woman on his list appears to be 40-60 range and he is 91. The one woman that I recognized is not more than 50. That would be a 41 year differential. I’ve been knowing this fellow for almost 40 years and he is relentless. He does not take no for an answer. He is a cross between a wolf and a bulldog. He does have some money or at least I think he does but he is overbearing and I do not know how he survived his first marriage. Most women would have fed him poison.


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