Daddy And Mother’s Profile

Bro. Calvin Inman was my father in the ministry and he was mother and daddy’s pastor for 18 years; far longer than the nearest second. Bro. Inman kept a profile of each Senior Adult and after his promotion in December of 2011, Mrs. Inman gave me the profile he had on Mother and Daddy. Some of the date was old hat but not all. My Granddaddy Joe David Bailey was killed in a logging accident in 1927. Daddy was the oldest child and I am fairly certain that they had a hard time after the untimely departure of Granddaddy. Everyone that I have spoken with that knew my Granddaddy spoke highly of him and that is why we name our son Joe David. Mother thought Granddaddy hung the moon. She talked about him like he was deity. She said a hundred times that Daddy was nothing like Granddaddy. Daddy never protested and always agreed with Mother that he had never known a man like his Daddy. I am sure it was a tough blow to Daddy and the family when Granddaddy got killed by a sappling that was hit by a falling tree.

Daddy was saved in summer revival in 1930 at the Sardis Springs Baptist Church and he was never a member of any other church. For 62 years he attended Sardis Springs and he did not miss often. He helped with the first VBS ever at SS back in 1938. He did the craft for the older boys. Wow, this I did not know. He did have a car at the time but he did have mules and a wagon and he used them to pick up kids for VBS. He was the first RA [Royal Ambassador] leader in the church’s history; a position he kept for 12 years. There is no telling how many camping trips that he took the boys on. I can remember at least three of them myself. Through the years, he served on almost every committee in the church. He served as both Trustee and Deacon and after he retired, it worked with pre-school on Sunday night for 15 years [from age 62-77]. The kids loved him. He had a little pony that he would bring to church on Sunday night and let them all ride. He created some lasting memories. His favorite scripture verse was Colossians 4:6– Let your conversation be gracious and attractive, so that you will have the right response for everyone. His favorite hymn was “Beautiful Isle of Somewhere”.

Mother did not get to go to church regularly as a child but she did go when staying with her relatives in Decatur. They attended the Southside Baptist Church. Mother’s favorite aunt was Nova Burns. Mother said that Aunt Nova loved the Lord and she wanted to be like her. Mother was saved saved during a revival in 1926 at Sardis Springs and baptized in Piney Creek. Mother began teaching Sunday  School at such a young age that she couldn’t remember how old she was when she first started. She taught Juniors, served as VBS Principle, worked in G.A.’s and WMU. She taught the Fidelis Ladies Class for 40 years. Her favorite hymn was “I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked”. Mother’s favorite scripture was not listed but I can assure you that it was not Proverbs chapter 31.


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