Hattie Lang Strikes Again

Stuffed Bulldog From Memphis Airport
It is over 40 years old

Fool me once and it’s your fault, fool me twice and it’s on me. It is the Summer of 73 several months after the Hattie Lang incident at Friendship Baptist Church is East New Orleans. June and I go home for two weeks of R and R. Our first full day home and I get a call. I was actually playing golf with my brothers and someone came and gave me the message, Clarence Lang had died and Hattie wanted me to preach the funeral. I am thinking, “You are kidding, right?” the only thing that I could figure was that he admired me for standing up to her and he must had requested me do the service, it is the only thing that makes any sense. I returned the call and sure enough, she wanted me to do the service. I could not say no. We scraped up $90 and I bought a round ticket flight from Huntsville to New Orleans via Memphis. I fly in the day of the funeral, one of my old friends from church picks me up and off we go. Funeral Service in New Orleans and we bury the body in Picayune, Louisiana which is an hour out of New Orleans. I do the funeral and the graveside and I am waiting for Hattie who is loaded to pay me for my plane ticket, at least. Guess what, Mrs. Doesn’t even thank me, just goes to her car and leaves. I thought, that old heifer, she had done to me again. I had borrowed most of the $90 just knowing she would at least pay my expenses. No way Hosea, old Hattie robbed me of three days of my vacation and cost me $90.


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