Honk If You Love Jesus

This is a true story. I am not proud to confess it, but it literally happened. I attended Seminary in New Orleans back in 1972-3-4. June and I had a Chevy II, banana yellow with a black vinyl top. I am not kidding: it was a bright car that would almost blind you on a sunny day. We were driving across the canal bridge on I-10 when a van that was tattooed with flowers and all kinds of drawing pulled up beside us in the passing lane and just sit there blowing his horn. He was a hippy, with the long hair and the whole nine yards. He is waving his arms and I thought he had gone nuts. Instead of reacting in a positive way, I got a little upset and I don’t remember but I probably called him a stupid idiot. About that time, June punches from the passenger side and said, “You are the idiot, don’t you have a bumper sticker that reads, ‘Honk If You Love Jesus’.” I tried to catch him and apologize but the traffic was too heavy. I felt about one inch tall. As soon as we got back to the campus, I knew what had to be done, I got a razor and got that bumper sticker off ASAP. I am not a good enough Christian to have that on my vehicle. My wife June is my witness.

Part two of the story happened back in the late 90’s or early 2000’s. I was on my way to Nashville, Tennessee with two Methodist preachers: J. Harold Thompson, and Barry Well Dunn. We came upon a car that had the same bumper sticker, “Honk If You Love Jesus.” It was a car load of preacher going to the Promise Keepers Clergy Conference, the same conference that we were attending. I said “Guys, watch this”….you know the famous last words of a red neck, “Hey, yall watch this”. I pulled right upon on their rear and sit down on the horn. I blew repeatedly 6-8 times and then I pulled into the passing lane and eased by them, they were madder than an old setting hen. We laughed half way to Nashville. Be careful about bumper stickers and T-Shirts–you might not be able to live up to what written on them.


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