Thank God For Uncles That Make Kids Laugh

A big part of growing up is our relationships with Aunts and Uncles. In my early years, aunts and uncles were more visible but with the passing of time, families get spread out and you end up with relatives all over the United States. I have a lot of fond memories about visiting aunts and uncles. As a child, I loved to visit my Uncle Ray and Aunt Freda. This is going to sound corny but I love to go see them because they had Air Conditioning, TV, carpet and a waffle iron. Hey, we rarely had pancakes at our house, let a lone a waffle. They not only had a waffle iron, they had store-bought syrup. Mother always made our syrup from scratch and it was not very thick. Can you imagine, a kid being excited about TV and a waffle iron. The first time I ever saw Casper the Friendly Ghost was at Uncle Ray’s. They were living in Cookville, Tennessee at the time where he was the manager of the down town Fox Theater. When he came in from work about 9:00 that night, he found out that I had been watching Casper on TV and he told me that Casper like to stay in their attic and of course I believed him. The two things I remember about that trip was meeting Casper [on TV] and seeing the FROSTY MORN pigs. They advertised sausage I think…I can still remember their jingle…”Sing it over and over and over again, Frosty-Morn”. If I remember correctly, it was three dancing pigs singing in harmony. Uncle Ray always made me laugh. He was good with kids. Kids are sensitive and we can make a good impression that will last throughout life or we can make a bad one. Unfortunately, a lot of grownups are not like Uncle Ray. Instead of making kids laugh, they laugh at the kids. Kids will never forget those who made fun of them. Every mock and sneer is burned into to their hard drive. Thank God for uncles that make kids laugh.

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