You Cannot Please People

I began my education in the Summer of 1955 in a little three room school-house called Sardis Springs. One of the stories in our reader was called–THE MAN, THE BOY AND THE  DONKEY. As the story goes, the man is walking down the road leading the donkey with the boy riding. The man over hears the neighbors complaining…”Look at that…the poor man is having to walk while that young healthy boy rides, what a shame!” The man responding to the criticism gets  on to  the donkey and has the boy lead. Not long after, he hears more complaints. “Look at that big grown man riding while that poor little boy has to lead the donkey.” Responding to the criticism, the man get the boy and they both ride the donkey but that doesn’t please the neighborhood either. “Will you just look at that…two healthy people riding that poor little donkey”. Being sensitive to the criticism, the man and boy get off, cut a pole, tie the donkey’s legs to the pole and then they carry the donkey. The neighbor’s are watching of course and they complain–“What a stupid idea, everyone knowns that a donkey can walk.” The moral of the story is simple–you cannot please all the people all the time no matter what you do.


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