A Real Mother

real motherIn 1 Kings 3 we find the story of the two prostitutes who were arguing over a baby; both claimed to be the mother and Solomon was decide who would get the child. After several minutes of heated debate, Solomon ask for a sword and pretended to cut the child in half and give each mother a half of a lifeless baby but the real mother protested, “No, do not kill the child, let her raise him.” The other woman said, “It’s ok with me to cut him in two, that way neither of us get him.” Solomon said, “Give the baby to the mother that wants him to live, she is the real mother.”

Many years ago on a MOTHER’S DAY, I made a challenge that I would later regret. I said, “I want everyone to talk to their mother today and thank them for giving you birth. Your mother may not be perfect, but she carried you in her womb and she gave you birth. The least we can do is thank them.” It seemed like a harmless challenge; what could possibly go wrong with calling your mother and thanking her for carrying you till birth and not aborting you.

Later that evening, about 2:00 pm, the door bell rang and it was for me. A young man in his early 20’s stood there sobbing. We found a place where we could talk and he told me his story. I warn you, it is unbelievable.

He said, “Bro. Jack, I did what you said, I went home and called my mother and I thanked her for giving me birth and told her I loved her. She said, ‘Don’t ever call me again.'” It is the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever heard a mother say. I can’t imagine being rejected once and this young man had been rejected twice by the woman who gave him birth. She told him, “Don’t every call me again. Don’t try to contact me and I do not want to meet your children.” Folks this is ruthless. She broke her own sons heart and never batted an eye. Jezebel was a better mother than this woman.

I’ve known some sorry mothers in my life time. In our congregation we have a dozen adopted children that came from mothers who were so strung out of drugs that they kids were taken from them. Unfortunately, drugs do cause a lot of women to be very poor mothers. I’ve known some vain mothers; I’m talking about mothers who put themselves first over their children but I have never heard of a mother who would tell her son, “Don’t ever call me again and I don’t want to meet your kids.” At the time, the young man had two small children, now he has three. They have never met their grandmother. She doesn’t want to know them or anything about them. This woman is bitter and mean spirited and she will die a lonely and miserable death. I can’t imagine a woman being so cruel to her own child.


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