October Baby

I got a call from a friend about a friend. His daughter had taken a drug overdose and was in an area hospital. By the time I got there, the crisis had abated; she was stable and actually talking to medical personnel and family members. When I walked in I was shocked at this girl’s beauty. I’m telling you, she had the face of an angel, an absolutely gorgious girl. She was raise by adopted parents who loved her dearly but she could remember her biological parents who basically abandoned her and wanted wanted nothing to do with her.

This amazed me because I had just seen the movie OCTOBER BABY about a young girl going through similar situation. She had tried to establish a relationship with her biological mother only to be cruelly rejected  a second time. The young lady bravely returned to her adopted parents who were waiting with open arms. The young girl [in the movie] was very troubled because her adopted parents had tried to shelter her from the painful truth. She seems to be at peace because she tried and with the help of a good priest, she forgave her biological parents for trying to abort her. The story has a happy ending because the young girl is extremely loved by adopted parents, family and friends. Rejection is hard for anyone at any age to deal with but it is cruel and mean to reject a child.


Standing there in a hospital room with a young lady who had tried to take her life, I felt breath of inspiration and so I began to share with this beautiful young lady who I had not meet until this day. I moved around to the foot of the bed but still I had trouble getting her to make eye contact or to focus. She would look at me for a split second and then look away. I talked to her gently and finally got her to focus. I told her about the movie and recommended that she go see it. I also mentioned that she could not let the rejection of her biological parents turn her bitter. She was surround by parents who loved her which is far more than most kids have these days. It was not so much what I said that startled me: It was refreshing way the Holy Spirit took control of my lips and literally gave me words to speak. The Doctor, a female psychiatrist, came in and ask me to leave which I was obliged to do but the father stopped me. He said to the doctor, I want my friend who is a pastor to stay: I want him to hear the entire story.” Out of courtesy to my good friend, I stayed and listened. I never said a word because I am not a professional counselor and certainly not a psychiatrist. Shortly after the doctor left, I finished my conversation, had prayer and then left.

I thought about this beautiful girl all the way home. Why couldn’t she accept her adopted parents as her real parents. Why was she giving them the grief when all they had done was love her? Do you think it is because her biological parents didn’t care? How can you hurt someone who doesn’t care? It’s like, “Hey mom, I going to kill myself!” The biological parents–“Go ahead, we don’t care.” This is bound to be painful for a child to deal with.

Not long after I got home, I got a text from the friend who encouraged me to make the visit. He had just got off the phone with the dad [a good man], he said, “Jim wanted me to tell you, how much he appreciated the visit. It meant a lot to the family.” This was one of the exceptional moments of my life: the Spirit of God just took control. I could sense what was happening while it was happening and I was excited to be a part of it.  I wish every visit went so well but they don’t.

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