A Mother’s Love

The bitter wind would not give up. It pushed her, beat her and eventually nailed her to the ground below. There was no escape from the wrath of this winter storm. Between the snow and the wind, visibility was practically zero. This young woman was walking from one village to another when she got caught in this unexpected blizzard. She was still miles from any shelter and she knew that she wouldn’t make it.

But this young mother refused to believe there was no hope for her new born son who she had wrapped in a tiny blanket: for him she had hope. Knowing that she would freeze to death, she removed all of her clothes and used them to wrap her baby in layers. Then she curled up in a fetal position and put the boy under her body sheltering him from the wind and giving him the fading warmth of her body.

snow storm

Hours later, as the storm calmed, two men were walking this same path. They notice a lump in the snow and they could hear whimpering cry of a baby. They dug throw the snow and found the baby safe and sound cradled under the body of his frozen mom. They rushed the baby to a hospital and later he was adopted by a Missionary Couple who had no children. As the boy grew older, this couple told him the truth about his mom’s sacrifice. On his 16th birthday, they carried him to his mom’s grave. After some time at the grave, he asks his adopted parent to leave him there alone for a little while and of course they agreed.

Ironically, there was snow on the ground that day and when the parents got back an hour later they found the boy lying on his mother’s grave. He had taken off his clothes, just as his mom had done 16 years prior. When they walked up, they could hear him praying. In honor of his mom, he pledged his life to Jesus Christ. He promised there face down on his mother’s grave that he would devote his life to sacrificial service and that he would do it with his whole heart. He traced his fingers over the carving of her name on the head stone and pledged his all to the LORD.

He told his adopted parents, “I know I am loved. My mother laid down her life so that I might live and so did Jesus. In light of their sacrifice, how can I not devote my life to helping others. Jesus gave His all and so did my mom. Now I want to give my all.

[Jesus by Heart, p.101]

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