Sing A Little Louder

I first heard this story from Dr. Steve Gaines, Pastor of Bellevue in Memphis, Tennessee. He had found it published in a pamphlet than I came across the original is Roy Edgemon’s book JESUS BY HEART.

An elderly German man stood up in a church meeting; there were tears streaming down his face. He said, “I lived in German during the holocaust and I considered myself a Christian. I attended church my entire life. We heard stories about what was happening to the Jews but like most people, we tried to distance from the reality that was taking place. After all, what could we do to stop it?

A railroad track ran just behind our little church and each Sunday we would hear the train whistle from a distance following by the clacking of the wheels rolling down the track. We were very disturbed as one Sunday, we heard people crying out for help from the train. We knew the trains were carrying Jews to concentration camps. They were herded into the box cars like cattle. Week after week, we heard the train coming and the people screaming for help. We felt helpless, yet their screams tormented us. We knew what time the trains would pass so we learned to sing a little louder so as not to hear their cry for help. The years passed and no one in the congregation mentioned the horror of the trains and the screaming people crying out for help. But I can still hear the trains and the screams as if it were yesterday.

holocaust train

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